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Class Acts, 4 short plays. June 10 - 12, 2016

Oklahoma! the iconic American musical, opens July 8.

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Four intriguing short plays by classic authors in one evening.

Directed by Susanne Traub

June 10 - 12, 2016 ~ Fri/Sat 8pm & Sun 2 pm
3 Performances Only
General Admission $ 10, Members $ 5

We have collected four short plays by classical playwrights. The well known August Strindberg wrote one of his shortest plays in 1889, The Stronger, which has become iconic. Robert Frost, the great American poet, much to our surprise wrote a short play titled The Witch of Coos. The Knowltons and Richard Burton were Americans writing in the 20's and 30's. All four of these playwrights capture storytelling and language styles that are all but lost in contemporary literature. These charming plays provide us with touching and humorous glimpses of times gone by. The four plays will be presented as a suite deftly staged by Susanne Traub.

The Witch of Coos by Robert Frost

"The night the bones came up the cellar steps."
Mother - Katherine Reich
Son - Jake Haisley
Visitor - Amos Newcombe

Tatters by Richard Burton

"You can't tell a man you trust him, with a chain on him like that."
Judge Brown - R.B. Sheridan
Phillips - Amos Newcombe
Pete - Jake Haisley
Tatters - Jack Warren

The Stronger by August Strindberg

"Your soul crept into mine, like a worm into an apple."
Madame X - Kimberly Kay
Mademoiselle Y - Ally Smith
Waiter - Amos Newcombe

The Way The Noise Began by Don and Beatrice Knowlton

"If you want amusement, I should advise you to mow the dooryard."
He - Amos Newcombe
She - Alisa Brown


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